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Research has shown that companies providing wellness programs receive an average ROI of $3.48 to $1 due to reduced health care costs and $5.82 to $1 due to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. As a result, many organizations have implemented wellness programs or are planning to do so.

AYM has been our provider for mind-body classes, lunch-and-learns and fitness testing since 2009. They are completely involved in our corporate wellness planning every year.
Sara Paschall, HR Benefits Specialist, Georgia Systems Corporation
Our patients and their families have loved each and every teacher provided by AYM. We know we’re going to get quality, on time, every time with AYM’s team of instructors.
Carrie Vick, LCSW-C, Director, The Youth Circle, Johns Hopkins Hospital


AYM wellness workshops are fully interactive to involve participants. Ask about our team-building and communication workshops (not listed). Each offering can be tailored to fit 1, 2 or 3-hour sessions. Click the “plus” sign to see details of any of the categories below.

Relax, Release, Rejuvenate

**Company Favorite** This course teaches and practices various breathing techniques, guided meditation, and gentle stretching for the neck, shoulders, back and legs to improve stress management. Aromatherapy may be incorporated.

The Fit Quiz

**Company Favorite** This game-show style workshop gets every participant involved in discussing the myths, realities and facts regarding fitness, nutrition, and body makeup. Great for large groups. Lots of fun and very interactive.

Work Your Body Type

**Company Favorite** Do you carry most of your weight in the upper or lower part of your body, or are you naturally thin top to bottom? Learn the differences among the body types – endomorphs, ectomorphs, and mesomorphs. Get tips for eating and exercising for your specific type. Handouts provided. Participants can have their body type determined during the workshop.

Workout @ Work

**Company Favorite** Learn multiple workout routines that can be done in and around the office with or without equipment and props. Workshop is interactive – be prepared to move. Handouts provided.


**NEW** Borrowing from various styles of meditation, this workshop improves one’s ability to concentrate and focus using various breathing techniques, eye exercsies, visualization activities, and physical movements. Perfect for enhancing quality productivity and efficiency in the office, home and overall daily living.

Healthy Cooking Demonstration & Taste Test

Learn how to make healthy, tasty meals and drinks  through seasoning and easy-to-follow methods for every level of chef. Choose from menu items like smoothies, juices, salads, sauces and seafood.

Studies on the advantages of worksite health promotion programs found the following averages:

  • 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism;
  • 26% reduction in health costs;
  • 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs;
  • $5.93-to-$1 savings-to-cost ratio 


AYM classes are tailored to the needs and request of the host location. The most popular class styles are broken down by level and listed below. Call 678-749-7777 to request a style not listed. Click the “plus” sign to see details of any of the categories below.

Level 1: Beginner – Easy
Level 2: Advanced Beginner – Moderate
Level 3: Intermediate – Advanced – Challenging

Yoga, Meditation & Pilates

Yoga Whether you are a beginner or regular practitioner, AYM Yoga classes allow you to move and breathe at your own pace and level. Styles include Hatha, Ashtanga/Power, Vinyasa Flow, YinYoga, Restorative and more.

Pilates Our mat Pilates classes follow the Joseph Pilates method levels 1-5 to work core abdominal muscles including the sides and back. Hip and shoulder joints are strengthened through exercises appropriate for all levels. This is a good program to combine with a Yoga style for an integrative fusion of strength and flexibility.

Intro to Meditation Slow your thoughts, silence your mind, and still your body with meditation. A variety of styles are presented in AYM meditation classes – object observation, internal body scan, moving meditation, breath-focused, and intention-based. Instructors can include essential oil aromatherapy.

Line Dancing

**Company Favorite** The Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Zydeco Bounce, Mississippi Cha Cha, Earthquake and more will have participants stepping, swaying, dipping and turning to popular group dance songs. A fun way to get and stay fit for all ages and any fitness level. 

Zumba & Dance Fitness

**Company Favorite** Zumba is a fun, fast-paced dance class that burns calories, strengthens muscles and is great for all levels from beginner to advanced. Routines are choreographed to the hottest Latin, Reggaeton and R&B hits. It’s a PARTY!

Other dance fitness class styles can incorporate hip hop, club dance, bollywood and more. Request a style and AYM will provide an instructor.

Yogalates (Yoga Pilates Fusion)

**Company Favorite** This class includes the core strength of mat Pilates with the subtle challenge of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Target areas are the abdomen, back, legs and arms. Moves are done lying, kneeling, and standing to improve flexibility, balance and muscularity. Focused breathing and mental activities increase relaxation and reduce stress. Yoga mats are required for this class which is performed barefoot. 

B.A.M. (Butt, Arms, Midsection)

Butt, Arms and Midsection is exactly what the name says… a muscle conditioning class to firm and strengthen these key areas of the body. Light weights and calisthenics make up the routine of this class.


This circuit-training routine integrates intervals of cardiovascular drills with muscle conditioning calisthenics. Exercises include lunges, squats, pushups, and sprints. This class is usually held outdoors and is appropriate for participants with a basic level of strength and endurance.

Cardio Kickbox

Non-stop combinations of punches, jabs, front kicks, and roundhouses from martial arts make up of the foundation of this challenging cardiovascular workout. Add pushups and crunches for a full-body workout. Appropriate for participants with a basic level of strength and endurance.



Click the “plus” sign to see details of any of the categories below.

Fitness Testing

AYM provides before-and-after fitness assessments for individuals or large groups. Assessments can be tailored to fit the needs and requests of your group. AYM’s FitTest Spreadsheet indicates improvements in any or all of the wellness areas listed below:

Weight, Body Fat% and BMI
Weight, body fat and the body mass index are meausred using the Weight Watchers digital scale and a bioimpendance measuring device to quantify changes in lean vs fat mass in the body.

The 3-minute step test measures resting and 1-minute recovery heart rates to show improvements in the heart’s ability to efficiently pump blood throughout the body.

1-minute push-up and crunch tests evaluate core and upper body strength.

The sit-and-reach test is used to gauge lumbar and hamstring flexibility.

Body Composition
Measurements of 4 body locations are compared before and after to indicate inches gained or lost during the test period.

Additional Options

  • Before and After Photos
  • Individual Assessments & Recommendations
  • Explanatory Handouts for Determining Number Results
Massage, Acupuncture or Reflexology

Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Massage are three forms of alternative treatment for muscle tension, stress, chronic illness and organ disfunction. Schedule a day of services for your staff, team, family or friends or choose a therapy to learn about in a workshop.


Is your organization planning a trip for team building, renewal or relaxation? AYM can provide 1-3 hour sessions of team building, nature excursions, mind-body exercises, relaxation sessions, creative thinking activities, guided journaling and more.

5K Walk/Run Warmup

 Whether it’s a 1 mile fun run, 5k road-race, or a 3-day walk, AYM will get the crowd warmed up, laughing, and stretched before, during and after the event. 5 minutes or 5 hours, 5 people or 5000 ‒ AYM’s team of instructors can make it happen. Sound equipment included if necessary

Health Fairs & Wellness Days

Need a 20-minute Zumba workout or a smoothie demonstration? AYM can do it. We can put together an action-packed day of fitness-related activities for your organization’s team, employees, friends and family. Health screenings, fitness testing, obstacle courses, dance contests, cooking demonstrations and more. Sit down with an AYM consultant to design the perfect Get-Fit program for your group or organization.

Motivational Speaking

AYM provides interactive, educational and humor-laced motivational presentations for small or large groups on a variety of topics. Popular topics include:

  • Work Life Balance
  • Womens Lifestyle & Health
  • Building Your Brand, Building Your Business
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Tapping into the Energy Within


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